Grade 5/6 Berwick College Visit

On Tuesday the 10th of November, a large group of grade 5 and 6 students travelled with Mrs Naismith, Mr Pryor and Mrs Gardiner to Berwick College for a chance to experience two of their classes.  We were split into two different groups; one group did a maths class and the other group participated in a sports class.  I was in the sports group and we got to meet the sport teacher and see the school’s massive gym!

When we entered the Berwick College gym, I was amazed by how big it was; it must be 3 times bigger than the Berwick Lodge gym!  Then the sport teacher introduced himself and explained what we were going to do in the class.

First, we played a game called ‘revenge ball’, which is similar to a game we play at our school.  It was fun because I liked the rules more than our school’s version of the game.

Then, the sport teacher taught us a game called ‘war ball’, which is like like ‘bombardment’ but with different types of balls that have different uses.  It was challenging to remember all of the rules, but after a while we seemed to get the hang of it.

At the end of the lesson, we thanked the teacher for having us and for teaching us two new games.

Everyone who attended on the day enjoyed meeting the sport/math teacher at Berwick College.  The experience has made me feel a bit more comfortable and relaxed about going to high school, and now I am excited about orientation day!

Thank you to the 5/6 teachers for organising the great event.

By Sarah 6G.


Grade 5/6 Summer Lightening Premiership 2015

On Wednesday the 11th of November, most of the grade 5/6 students participated in the Interschool Sports Summer Lightening Premiership. This time, all the different sports attended different schools, which was different from Winter Lightening Premiership. I attended Berwick Fields with the Volleystars team. I was in Team B for the day and we had Elma’s mum look after us. Unfortunately, we lost all 3 of our games, but we all tried our hardest and had a great time playing! Team A got into the finals, however, they didn’t win 1st place. At the end of the day, everyone was very proud of their efforts and we went home with a Runners-Up Flag!

Thankyou so much to the teachers; Ms Gilliland, Mrs Naismith, Mr Pryor and Mrs Mucciat for taking us and coaching us on the day! Also, we are very grateful for the help of the parents! These things wouldn’t be possible without the support from them!


Lightning Prem 2015

Ding! Ding! Ding! The bell had gone at 9 in the morning on November the 11th, this day was especially special to the students of the 5/6 area that were lucky enough to travel to a list of venues, ranging from ‘Kambrya Secondary Collage’ and ‘Brentwood Park P.S’, to ‘Berwick Fields’ and ‘Sweeny Reserve’. But I’m here to tell you about what happened in the ‘Kambrya Collage’ gym.

we had arrived at Kambrya at about 9:45, walked straight to the gym, then sat down and listened to the person that was running the Basketball for ‘Lightning Prem’.

He’d finished talking at about 9:50, and the games began…

We were first ‘Off the rack’, first up we versed the Oatlands Outlaws (Oatlands Primary), the game began and we scored the opening goal… (More like I did) that leaded to more goals, then more and more. 22 minutes later we’d won! We’d even won by 20 points!

50 minutes later we had another game… This time we versed Beacon Hills, we were in doubt by looking at their teammates, unfortunately they had a player that was 6 foot! But that didn’t stop us! We won the starting ‘Jump Ball’ and gained possesion… Opening off we the starting goal and we won by 20… Again!

25 minutes later we had another game… This time it was again Killbery Valley, well how do I say this? We absolutely SMASHED them! by about 30 – 40 points. That meant we had moved to the finals!

30 minutes later, we played the finals game versing ‘Berwick Fields’, this was our toughest game yet, we were down for 25 minutes of the game, we knew we couldn’t lose because I knew half of their players, and had to win, to win bragging rights… and that we did! in the most crutial 5 minutes left, we scored and scored and scored, until we were 4 points ahead. The buzzer went, they had 2 foul shot and only hit one, therefore we won the finals by 3!!!

Overall, the day was great! and we came home with a blue ribbon saying ‘Lightning Prem Premiers, Basketball 2015!

World Kindness Day

Next time you think about being kind, think ‘World Kindness Day’!

World Kindness Day is on the 13th of November every year. It was introduced by the World Kindness movement in 1998 by a group of people from multiple regions around the world including, but not limited to Canada, Japan and Australia. Friday 13th of November, 2015 is the 17th anniversary of the day.

The purpose of World Kindness Day is to think other than ourselves, and think for the entire world altogether; and realise we are citizens of the world. Being kind is the key to being happy in life and happy in our modern society. It is this that the entire premise of the day is laid on. Special cards also have been made reading…

“You have been touched by an anonymous act of kindness and have been given this kindness card. Do something kind to someone else, and then pass it along.”

At Berwick Lodge, students celebrated the day by being kind, hence the name. We all celebrated the event with our buddies and the whole school. There were special activities planned with our buddies like drawing pictures with chalk and explaining the utmost importance of the day. The day was very meaningful and we all hope that every school can get involved in the day every year. I mean all you have to do is do an act of kindness a day – all of which we hope make people smile.

You have to remember that also, even if it isn’t the official ‘World Kindness Day’, you should always be kind to each other and lend a hand. Because…

download (2)
“A world of joy begins with kindness.”


Tourists can be any size, shape or age

At the end of term 3, on the 17th of September, I was one of the many students who came to visit the ¾ Asian expo at Berwick Lodge P.S. Parents, teachers and grandparents also enjoyed the afternoon looking at their pupils’/children’s/grandchildren’s work. The Asian expo was a showcase of the hard work that the year 3 and 4’s did in term 3. This magnificent afternoon was held in the open BER building, each grade had their projects inside of their classrooms and some had projects outside in the quadrangle.

One of my favourite projects was the Japanese clothing. They had splendid models and were full of information! I could throw any question at them and they would give me the correct answer.

When I asked the captain of the group to give me 5 adjectives to explain Japanese clothing she gave me 6 and said; “Well…Silky, floral, colourful, beautiful, unique and pretty.” I also asked the whole group what they thought of the expo and they all answered with the same thing; “Super fun, I really want to do it next  year!”

Overall the expo was a blast and was great fun for everyone! I give it 9 out of 10 for the overall experience.

-Angelina .D

2015 Asian Expo

The students in grades 3 and 4 spent the majority of term 3 learning about the countries Japan and China. The day had finally come for them to display their work and share their learning.  The groups of students studied an aspect of one of the countries, such as food, clothing, celebrations and language.  The expo, in which the students displayed their work, was open to the whole school community.

The group who studied Japanese clothing had made a poster with all the information they’d learnt.  They’d gathered facts about traditional and modern clothing.  Another group, who also studied Japan, had learnt all about language in Japan had found out some very interesting historical facts.

A group who learnt about China had chosen to study flora and fauna.  Their display consisted of an intriguing model of the different habitats.  “I mostly enjoyed making the model and working with my friends!” Said group member Abby.  She was gleaming with excitement, as everyone admired her work.

A group of boys, who explored the different kinds of Chinese food, said that the project was fun.  One of the boys said, “I liked learning about Chinese food because I like food!”

On the whole, it was clear that the 3/4 students thought that the project was fun and educational.  keep in mind that if you would like to see their work, head to Berwick Lodge next year to see the Asian Expo!


Around The World

On Thursday the 17th of September, the grade 3/4’s of B.L.P.S held an expo that they had been prepairing for, for several weeks. It was held in the B.L.P.S Ber building.

There were amazing ‘exhibits’ containing differant things on Japan (Grade 4’s) and China (Grade 3’s)! Starting off with… Holly, Kingston and Ryan from 3K’s Chinese Houses/Lifestyle!

I learned that people that were considered ‘poor’ had a house made out of rammed Earth and it was on a tilt. Also the people who were considered ‘rich’ had big houses with a huge white bar ‘scenery’ (like the white house)…

Next we had Phillip, Lucas and Ella from 4T’s Japanese ‘Nuclear Disasters’!

They taught us about nuclear disasters (Only Fukushima). I learned that it took more than 40 years to clean up the Fukushima disaster rubble! They also told us that the world has more than 437 nuclear plants, and lastly they told us that America were the first country to develop the ‘Nuke’!

Lastly we had ‘Japese food’ (From Japan) by Natalia, Lilly, Josh, Ryan and Cooper… Again, from 4T.

On display (Not real) they had many differant foods like ‘Tokoyaki’, ‘Anmitsu’, ‘Yakitomoshi’ and ‘Okonomiyaki’, just to name a few… I really enjoyed looking at that ‘exhibit’ because there was great information… And the food looked delicious!

Overall, I really enjoyed the students’ ‘exhibits’ because they were incredibly detailed and I learned a LOT!

State Netball

On the 11th of September, nine lucky students from Berwick Lodge Primary School were able to represent the school with honour and pride in our very own colours. The team included: Blake, Brodie, Brodie.F, Amber.D, Summah, Laura, Grace, Sienna.R and myself (Daniel)!

When we first arrived we got straight into warming up; as we had been sitting in a car for one hour. We then attended the quick briefing given by the sponsors of the day school sport Victoria.

As time went by the briefing had finished and we were back to warming up. We then proposed to stop the warming up because our first game was about to start. As we were late we ran onto the court roaring to start our first game.

Fortunately the day started out extremely well as we had smashed our first team. We then had a break before the next game; after each game we had a 1-2 game break. In our second game our team got the “W” as we had won by at least twenty points. After that we had a two game break to reminisce the costly mistakes we had made so we can improve on them next time. Unfortunately the next game was highly challenging and energy consuming, however we still won by 3 points. As a consequence of our hard work and efforts we had made it to the finals. In our first finals game; in the semis, we were up at the half break however we then were unable to bring it home due to a few costly mistakes.

Unfortunately we didn’t “bring home the chocolates” although we all had so much fun while playing as a team throughout all of the tournaments and games we played together. I’d like to thanks Mrs Naismith for training us, Miss Craig for coaching us and of course Mrs Muccignate for coaching throughout the state tournament!

By Daniel

What is the Sharemarket?

What is a share?

A share is buying into a company, if you buy a share, you become one of the company owners. The more shares you buy means the more of the company you own. People invest in shares to earn a profit. However, this isn’t the same for all companies. If the company you buy shares from isn’t doing too well in the stock market, you can lose money.

What is the Sharemarket?

The Sharemarket is a market of which you can buy shares of companies from a broker. When you buy a share from a broker it may take 3 days to transfer electronically. A broker is a person who buys shares from the Sharemarket and sells them to the ASX Sharemarket.

What is Liquidity?

The ability of an asset to be easily converted into cash.

Liquidity can be adversely affected by a number of factors including

  • A fixed term of investment such as for term deposits.
  • Lack of ready buyers or a slow sale process.
  • Exit fees.
  • Transaction costs.
  • Difficulty in dividing the investment into small parcels to sell.

State Netball

On the 11th of September the Berwick Lodge’s school netball team were lucky enough to attend the  state netball finals at Waverly Netball Centre. The team included myself, Daniel, Brodie F, Brodie M, Grace, Amber, Summer, Laura and Sienna.

The day started out really well and we won by a fairly big margin. The next game was one of the hardest with us only winning by a couple of goals. Our next game was another easy win,we were going to the finals so we rested up. Since we won all of our games we were 1st in Pool A and we versed 2nd in pool B in the semi finals. We versed Inverloch (Last Years Premiers), They had the same game plan as us resulting in a tough and tight scoring game. In the end Inverloch were the better team just winning by 3 goals.

I would like to thank Ms Craig for being a great coach and taking us to games, Sienna’s Mum for transporting the team and Ms Muccingnate for coaching us on the day. This experience wouldn’t of been possible without any of you helping.